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Pizza Pairing with Presque Isle Wine Cellars Wines

Date: February 28th, 2014

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Presque Isle Wine Cellars

You don’t need a home cooked fancy meal to enjoy a nice bottle of wine!

OK, so who cares that you are pairing wine with Pizza! When taking the time to find a good match there is no reason why you can’t pair an everyday wine and a everyday food, like Pizza. The key to pairing wine with any type of food is a striking balance between the boldness of flavors of the two, and the same holds true with pizza. Tonight we will guide you through this process.

Wine pairing with our signature “Grapes of Wrath Pizza”. Also Mushroom, zucchini and swiss cheese,  Margherita, and more. Each pizza will be paired with two wines.

This event is by reservation only and is limited. $15.00 per person.

Call 814 725-1314 ext 215 for reservations