Boutique wineries on the southern shore of Lake Erie in New York & Pennsylvania

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Sharon RaibleMay 20th, 2018
Charming weekend was just wonderful . Cannot wait until next year
J R HowellsFebruary 10th, 2018
I have been getting wine at Johnsons Estates for over 20 yrs ,[ great wines] love the area
Keristen MusserNovember 5th, 2017
We love the Harvest Celebration every year. We enjoyed the new addition of Yori Wine Celler and their story!!! Best of luck to this family. We love this wine country and their events. The wines are amazing and it is always a great time for this group of friends!
Mark BeberMay 18th, 2017
Being a sweet wine drinker, there are several good choices along the Lake Erie wine trail. Mazza excels at the Concord wine, while several others, Heritage Winery comes to mind, excel at the fruit wines. Very good times here, running into people from all over the country. I highly suggest doing the Wine Harvest Weekends in November where they match foods to the wine. Excellent time.
Mark SkalJanuary 20th, 2017
We do all 3 trails every year for quite awhile now. Some of our favorite wineries are Penn Shore, Sparkling Ponds, and Johnson Estates. Try the dry concord from Penn Shore! We also do a trail in Ohio. I must say the Lake Erie trail is far above and beyond. The wines, food items, and organization of this trail is OUTSTANDING! Keep up the great work!
arlene schoonmakerJanuary 17th, 2017
The wineries are awesome! The staff are always helpful. I usually come back home with at least 2 cases of wine.
Barbara MountaintopSeptember 24th, 2016
So far, I've only purchased wine in the area State-run stores, mainly because I hadn't made a point to get to know exactly where the wineries are, and it's always been a spur-of the moment decision as I happened to be passing by a store. But I want to start paying attention to the local wineries and what they have to offer. I just want to let you know I find this website very helpful, as well as user friendly! A lot about North East seems that way, too. I live about 20 miles south from N.E., and would love to move here.
Dee BoothDecember 3rd, 2015
Love PA wines
Cindy BarbenSeptember 4th, 2015
Can't wait to get on the road for a fun filled day with friends and family.
Emma Lee HartleMay 21st, 2015
Spent our 40th wedding anniversary there back in 2013 and stopped again last year on our way back from central NY. I really enjoy this place. The view from the bluff is so very pretty. It's quiet and peaceful and I hope to come back again for a day or two very very soon.
Kerry RobertsJanuary 11th, 2015
I've tasted Mazza's Vidal Icewine. Nice.
Annette ManningJanuary 7th, 2015
Checking out your event for Valentine's Weekend
Anna MarshNovember 7th, 2014
My fiancée and I came out to the Lake Erie Wine Country last year and had the best time. We decided to make it an annual trip. Can't wait to try all the delicious food/wine pairings. We even brought our own wine boxes to hold all of our purchases.
Robert JohnsonMarch 24th, 2014
Great product(s), great company, great service. Thank you!!
J BalisteriDecember 28th, 2013
This is going to be our first trip to the Lake Erie Trail. We are going with our good friends and can't wait. The reviews seem awesome.
Cathyrumi DenningsOctober 21st, 2013
I want to thank you for a wonderful wine tasting on 10/7/2013 at 21 Brix. We came in close to closing but never felt rushed. And the wines! Amazing! Thirsty Elephant was a hit in California. So far only bottle opened. We will be back!
DR. MAURICE JAMES HAYESSeptember 27th, 2013
The Wine Country in Western New York is just great there are so many different kinds of grapes
that make such fine wine.
The wine out of this area can be compared to the
wines of Yellow Tail and other wines from
different parts of the world.
DR. MAURICE JAMES HAYESSeptember 27th, 2013
The Wine Country in Western New York is just great there are so many different kinds of grapes
that make such fine wine.
The wine out of this area can be compared to the
wines of Yellow Tail and other wines from
different parts of the world.
Paul WhiteSeptember 7th, 2013
Spent the morning reviewing your site. My father's side of the family is from the Ripley/Sherman area. I'm just DYING to visit the area again! Maybe next year during the grape harvest?? My grandparents lived just down the road from the Johnson Estate Winery on Rt. 20 near Forsythe Rd, after they retired from dairy farming in the Sherman area. Not sure who owned the nearby vineyards, but my grandmother, grandfather, father, and aunts used to work there, when they were not working on their own dairy farm. I love the area, and look forward to visiting again soon!
Crystal ShipeckJune 23rd, 2013
We were just at Heritage Wine Cellars yesterday and we were blown away with how wonderful everything was! Your wine was amazing and we filled our wine rack with your wines! Delicious samples and friendly staff! I have already recommended your winery and wines to a bunch of people!! Thanks for such a wonderful experience!
Michelle RutemuellerOctober 31st, 2012
Drove this tour in 2008 and coming back in 2013 in the fall. Looking so forward to visiting this beautiful region!
Barbara DeikeJuly 7th, 2012
Your trip planner is an excellent tool! Best I've seen so far for a wine trail!!
Sherri TowellJuly 3rd, 2012
Great site! So much great information. Another great resource for showcasing our wine region.
Barbara BlankfeldJune 29th, 2012
Hi All: We're looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!!!!! Can't wait...I'm running out of Delaware YIKES! (And we were jsut there for my birthday, May 20th) LOL :)
Christine LewisMay 21st, 2012
LOVE Sparkling Pods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is so nice and I LOVE the Woman Pleaser!!!!11
Diane KnightMay 17th, 2012
Love it, love it, love it we have such an enjoying time at the wineries. We meet new people,enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere. Thank you for doing such a fine job!
David CoeMay 8th, 2012
Love that concord grape wine.
Mark BeberFebruary 15th, 2012
We so enjoy our trips from Indiana into Wine Country, and love the hospitality of Kelly and Demaris at the Lakeview on the Lake in Erie, PA, even though it is really closer to Northeast. Go to, to check out Erie's only lake front resort. Enjoy your own private beach, with a over one hundred step deckwork leading down to the beach. Watch amazing sunsets, over a cold glass of Mazza Vineyards Finest Concord wine made on God's earth. Yes, life is good my friends.
Brian HayesDecember 2nd, 2011
Earler this year we had the pleasure of finding your winery on a trip back from Niagara Falls.There is only one thing to say and that is that we have had no luck in finding such a fantasic wine as yours in our region of the country.We live in Missouri and have many wineries but none of them have a Niagara available foe us.We are in envy of the people in your area that have the luck to have all of your fine and delicious wines.Thank you for your wines and we look forward to our next trip to the Erie area.Brian Hayes and Michelle Johnson.From Rayville,Missouri
Sue AndersonNovember 30th, 2011
This is a great website and very informative. I would love to hear of the special events and tastings in the future. Keep up the great work!
Richard ParksSeptember 29th, 2011
Looking forward to our first wine trail visit
Phyllis WozniakSeptember 14th, 2011
gonna make the trip soon !!
Kurt LindstromAugust 4th, 2011
What errifically wonderful web site easy to navigate_very informative!!
George GAugust 3rd, 2011
Great Site!!!
Megan BarilloJuly 12th, 2011
We're excited to be serving and pairing some Lake Erie wines with the local foods of the Chautauqua county at Corn Moon Dinner this year! Check it out:
Gina HollidayJuly 7th, 2011
We're former WNY residents now living in Connecticut. Last week, for the first time, we visited the Lake Erie Wine Trail and enjoyed it very much. Woodbury Vineyards was our personal favorite. We're hoping we can do this trail again sometime when we visit in either 2012 or 2013.
Jan McConvilleMay 16th, 2011
We have not had the pleasure of visiting your winery, however dear friends have given us a bottle of your Victorian Holiday Wine and we love it! The next time we're in the Erie area visiting family we must stop in and tour.
Suzanne TrainMay 15th, 2011
I just moved back to the area and I'm looking forward to exploring the wineries in my hometown area!
Elizabeth douglasMay 15th, 2011
My group loved the wine trail! We had a wonderful time sampling the wines and different foods. Everything was so good. The gift bag was so nice to. We really got our money's worth! Thanks for putting this together. And hope to be back next year!
Rita McKeownApril 18th, 2011
Just got back from the Lake Erie Art & Wine weekend and had the best time ever! My husband and I had attended this last year and loved it so much that we're making this an annual event. Each and every Winery provided a warm welcome with a great selection of wines, some delicious food to munch on, and of course a variety of beautiful art work. Our very very very favorite Winery was the Schloss Doepken Winery in Ripley. We were so fortunate to meet Mr. Watso, the master wine maker and owner! He was such a delight to talk to! He told us interesting stories about how each wine came to be and why each one was so unique from the next. Loved the story about the flamingos! And yes, I did make the roast pork with the Apple Wine and it was sooooo good! He truely is the Master Wine Maker! The hostess for that day was very gracious and made us feel right home. We just couldn't have had a more lovely time!
Tracy UlrichJanuary 31st, 2011
The new website looks great! Congratulations to Julie and everyone involved!
Denise TaneJanuary 31st, 2011
This past Fall I was fortunate enough to take a wine tour with my best of friends..our 'ladies day', and I loved it! I even managed to make the photo section! It would be my dream to be able to go winery to winery all over the county and report my findings, if there are any job openings for a traveling wine rep i'm your girl!!! I even come with my own wine glass!
vicki rossJanuary 29th, 2011
My husband and I spent a weekend this fall visiting the Lake Erie Wineries. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. I purchased 4 cases of all different wines. I am already making plans to come back in the spring and bring some freinds this time.
Jennie BuffalariJanuary 25th, 2011
My friends and I enjoy Sparkling Ponds! The service is wonderful and the owners are very friendly. Delicious wine!!!
Brenda Curtis-HeikenJanuary 24th, 2011
I love the website. It makes me so homesick!
Sandie MaloneJanuary 14th, 2011
OMGosh-this is the best site ever!!-so easy to move about and find info! Great Job!!!! I know it took a lot of time and effort along with Julie's great talent to get it up and running. Can't wait to visit back home.
Anonymous January 14th, 2011
The new website is fantastic. It's great to have a fresh new look for our local wine trail. I especially love the Photo Gallery!
Linda RoneyJanuary 13th, 2011
I left home before I was "of age"...I am looking forward to coming back to wine country this summer and experiencing all it has to offer.
Terry PalisJanuary 12th, 2011
Congratulations on the launching of your new website. It has a great new look and lots of new features that make me want to visit your region. I will be sure to do that with my family this summer, if not sooner.

Thank you for working us on this new website.

Terry Palis
Corporate Communications, Inc.
Susan BreonJanuary 12th, 2011
Congratulations on the new make us proud to live among you and lucky to have your wines only minutes away.
Samuel BestJanuary 12th, 2011
This is the beginning of great things for the wine trail. THANK YOU to everyone and Julie for all your hard work!

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