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FORESTVILLE, NY (August 8, 2011) – Merritt Estate Winery continues to prove that their wines are more than capable of standing up to national and international competitors. The results are in from two recent competitions, the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition and the Indy International Wine Competition, and Merritt walked away from both with awards in hand.

            The New York World Wine and Spirits Competition is different from many of the competitions that take place each year. The wine competition is actually part of a bigger entity, The Bar and Wine Show. This recognized tradeshow event attracts owners, operators, managers, buyers and other industry professionals from the Mid-Atlantic States, the Northeast and the Eastern Seaboard. The wine competition takes place as a part of the trade show, and prides itself on increasing integrity through the quality of competition judges and the transparency of the competition itself which is held out in the open during the tradeshow. This is the only wine and spirits competition in the world that is associated with a tradeshow event.

            Merritt Estate Winery took home one award from the competition. Bella Ice, a sweet red wine with intense concord flavor, captured a bronze medal.

            The Indy International Wine Competition is the largest independent wine competition in the United States. This was the 20th year for the competition held annually at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The competition has been organized by the Purdue Wine Grape Team since 1991, and has grown in success and participation each year.  Nearly 3,000 wines were entered in to the competition this year. Entries arrived from 15 different countries and 40 US states, creating quite a competitive atmosphere. 52 judges representing the many facets of the wine industry came together in what is seen as the heart of America to recognize and award the most deserving wines the competition had to offer.

            Merritt Estate Winery took home two awards from the competition. Bella Rosa, a sweet, full-bodied Lambrusco style red wine and Merritt’s best seller received a bronze medal. Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp, dry white wine with tropical undertones, received a Double Gold medal.

            “We are so used to receiving medals and awards for our Bella and Bella Ice; it’s refreshing to see one of our dry wines get some recognition,” said Jessi Luke, Public Relations and Promotions for Merritt Estate Winery. “We put endless effort in to each and every wine we produce. It is very rewarding to see our hard work pay off in the form of public appreciation.”

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Merritt Estate is located in Lake Erie Wine Country, the largest grape growing region of New York State located along the shores of Lake Erie. The grapes and wines produced under Merritt rival the quality of premium vintages throughout the world.


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