Available LEWC Sparkling Wines (PDF File - 424 KB)

Many of our 24 wineries offer sparkling wines for your

New Year’s Eve Celebration!

(Check out these wineries in order from west to east.)


Presque Isle Wine Cellars (North East, PA):

Falling Waters 2012 – (Sparkling White- a semi-sweet sparkling wine that has won numerous medals and awards. It is priced at $14.15 through the end of the year for a 750 ml bottle.)


Penn Shore Vineyards (North East, PA):
Bubbling Niagara – $11.95 (Sweet and carbonated white with a fruity character.)

Champagne – $19.95 (Extra dry, fermented in the bottle.)


South Shore Wine Company (North East, PA):
Sparkling Pinot Noir (fermented in the bottle-the traditional method)


Mazza Vineyards (North East, PA):
Sparkling Riesling (fermented in the bottle-the traditional method)


Arrowhead Wine Cellars (North East, PA):

Dazzling Niagara and Dazzling Concord


Heritage Wine Cellars (North East, PA):

Bursting Blueberry, Very Beary Blackberry, Cold Goose, Bubbling Niagara, Bubbling Catawaba, Private Reserve, Peach Fuzz, Strawberry Fizz, Plum Crazy


Johnson Estate Winery (Westfield, NY):

Sparkling Traminette
Sparkling Rose Ice Wine 
Both are made in the methode champagnoise.  Our sparkling ice wine was the first one in the US.


Mazza Chautauqua Cellars/Five & 20 Spirits (Westfield, NY):

 Sparkling Chardonnay (fermented in the bottle-the traditional method)


21 Brix Winery (Portland, NY):

Sparkling Muscato (But it won't be released until New Year’s Eve – maybe.  Better check first!)


Liberty Vineyards (Sheridan, NY):

Sparkling Riesling


Merritt Winery (Forestville, NY):

Estrolita - Spumante
Seyval Blanc Sec - Brut
Coming Soon - Sparkling XTC!


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