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Lake Erie Wine Country Explored in New Book

Local author shares the history of the area using stunning, vintage images

 Telling a story in pictures is Lake Erie Wine Country, the newest addition to Arcadia Publishing.  The book boasts 200 vintage images, many of which have never been published, and showcases memories of the largest and oldest Concord grape growing region in the world.

In 1818, Deacon Elijah Fay planted the first grape vines of the Lake Erie Wine Country, located in the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt. Fay’s relatives planted the premier Concord vineyards in Brocton, New York, where the mighty Concord grape thrived. Vineyards were planted along the shore of Lake Erie in both New York and Pennsylvania, attracting the likes of Dr. Charles Welch, who relocated his grape juice operations to Westfield, New York, in 1897.

Regional wineries sprung up during the grape boom of the 19th century but went out of business due to Prohibition in 1919. While New York permitted commercial wineries after Prohibition, it was not until 1968 when wineries were allowed to reopen in Pennsylvania. Today, the Grape Belt spans almost 60 miles along the southern shore of Lake Erie. Quaint towns dot the Grape Belt, which is now home to the Grape Discovery Center and boutique wineries that welcome thousands of visitors each year.

Highlights of Lake Erie Wine County include:

  • Two of Pennsylvania’s first modern-era wineries are located in Lake Erie Wine Country.
  • There are 25 wineries in the region
  • Lake Erie Wine Country is the largest grape growing region east of the Rockies in the United States.

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Lake Erie Wine Country

by Jewel Leigh Ellis

Images of America Series

Price: $21.99

128 pages/ softcover


For Immediate Release

Media inquiries contact: Erin Owens, Marketing Assistant

843.853.2070 x 214




About the Author of Lake Erie Wine Country

Jewel Leigh Ellis was raised in the agricultural town of North East, Pennsylvania, on the western end of Lake Erie Wine Country. She attended North East High School, home of the “Grape Pickers.”

A 1991 graduate of Purdue University, Jewel Leigh returned to North East and has worked at the North East Chamber of Commerce, produced local-interest videos, coordinated an Annual North East Wine Fest and works in many endeavors to promote the exciting grape and wine region. She also volunteered to assist in the openings of both the Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, New York, and the Grape Country Marketplace in North East.

Ellis is a member of the North East Historical Society and is an avid reader of local and world history. As a free-lance writer, Jewel Leigh’s work has been published in the Old Mill News, Lake Erie Living magazine, the North East Breeze and the Erie Times News. She is also a voice-over artist and radio personality on WMCE radio and can be heard world-wide at wmce.fm.

Jewel Leigh recognized the need for local history of the wine and grape region and was happy to work with Arcadia to put together this publication. She hopes that it will inspire locals to understand and embrace the rich history of the region, and that it will encourage visitors to explore and appreciate the largest grape-growing region east of the Rockies while enjoying award-winning wines at the region’s 25 wineries!


What lasting impact do you hope your book will leave?

It is my hope that the book will inspire locals to appreciate their long and interesting agricultural history. I want them to realize they live in a unique, historic, exciting region and pass that enthusiasm on to their children. I also want our region’s many tourists to pick up the book and want to find the locations mentioned in the book. I want them to be inspired to stay in the region longer and explore the history, and of course, visit the wineries!

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