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Courtyard Winery


One unique winery offering two separate tasting areas and two extraordinary brands. Quality wine selections from very dry varietals to sweet blends. The choice is yours; the choice is Courtyard!

Courtyard Winery was opened in 2010 by seven wine enthusiasts with an intense focus on producing high-quality wines that please a wide array of palates. The winery’s distinctive architecture is carried through inside and out creating a beautiful, welcoming environment. The tasting room offers two tasting areas – one for each of its LaCourette and Barjo Bons brands.

Courtyard’s LaCourette line offers a selection of dry and semi-dry white and red wines. These distinctive varietals deliver exceptional taste and quality and can be enjoyed in a relaxed, traditional setting, complete with indoor colonnade. Courtyard’s special production process results in distinctive wines of quality sure to please the most discriminating palate.

Or, you may step into a world of unique blends brought to you by Courtyard’s Barjo Bons line. Literally translated, Barjo Bons means “crazy friends” which provides an insight into the brand’s offerings. Barjo Bons offers sweet and semi - sweet blends that create a fun atmosphere for you and your friends. Learn the saucy history of Ruby as you enjoy her sweet Ruby’s Rouge. Or Dazzle your friends with Dazzle, Barjo’s sweet white wine that is sure to put a smile on their faces. Barjo Bons allows you to be your own person and have fun while enjoying delicious wines!

The choice is yours. The choice is Courtyard!

Our Wines

La Courette

Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry - Residual Sugar .2 %

This is a fine, deeply colored red wine for the most discriminating palate. An excellent complement to hearty red meat dishes, marinara sauces, or a fine chocolate dessert.

Dry – Residual Sugar .2 %

Noiret is a red wine grape variety that ideally suited to our local climate and soils, resulting in a fine, full bodied red wine with peppery notes in the finish.

Dry Red - Residual Sugar less than .2 %

A deeply colored red wine, smooth on the palate with softer tannins than Merlot.

Dry - Residual Sugar .5 %

A dry, crystal clear white wine that starts with a nose that is fresh and crisp, and leaves a clean, smooth finish in the wake.

Off- Dry - Residual Sugar 1.3%

An aromatic, fruity white wine with enough minerality to hold up well to strongly flavored foods like sharp cheeses.

Barjo Bons

Ruby’s Rouge
Sweet - Residual Sugar 4.2 %

Heads always turned when Ruby walked in the room. That woman could make anyone blush! A bold distinctive blend of Concord and Catawba grapes with a touch of peach. Pleasing - just like Ruby!

Sweet - Residual Sugar 4.0 %

Only from Courtyard., this sweet white wine is a blend of Cayuga and Niagara grapes. Trying to impress? Why stop there...why not Dazzle !!!

Lazy Daze
Sweet – Residual Sugar 6.5 %

This sweet dark red is sure to strike a chord with an aroma that reminds you of a fragrant walk in the vineyard at harvest time. Your first taste then returns you to a simpler time when the jug was filled from Nonno Joe’s basement barrel. Don’t be shy, relax with Lazy Daze.

Semi – Sweet - Residual Sugar 2.2 %

This semi-sweet Vidal Blanc white wine blend whets the appetite with its crisp acidity and clean, fresh finish.


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Open 7 days per week!

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM

Sunday: Noon until 5 PM

Closed Major Holidays

Winery tours are available at any time.

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Where are we located?

Street Address:
10021 West Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428