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Heritage Wine Cellars


History, hard work and Heritage.

Heritage Wine Cellars is housed in a rustic 18th century barn on land that has been a grape farm for over 150 years. Local historians believe that it was Reverend William Bostwick who, in the early 1700’s, brought the first Catawba grapes to North East, Pennsylvania--years before the family farm was founded in 1805. The farm thrived for generations, then, in 1976, Heritage Wine Cellars was founded by master wine maker Robert Bostwick who was at the time a fifth generation grape farmer. 

The winery is now managed by Robert’s sons, Matthew and Joshua Bostwick. Matt is the winemaker at Heritage, and his earliest memories are of tying grapes with his grandma and riding with his grandfather on a grape harvester. As a child, Matt’s biggest dream was to get big enough to touch the pedals on the tractor. He studied organic chemistry in college, and he continually examines their wine-making procedure to improve processes and create new wines. He loves doing what he does, in honor of all those who came before.

The majority of Heritage’s wines are derived from Native American grape varieties. They strive to break from tradition, combining 100 year-old ideas with modern chemistry and technology. They produce a large variety of wines, currently stocking over 60 varieties, many of which were created based on customer requests.

You won’t find wine snobs at Heritage Wine Cellars. You will find hard-working grape farmers who make fabulous wine. For the Bostwick family, wine making is a lifestyle, not just a business.


Our Wines

Concord - Sweet, full-bodied fruit flavor. Serve chilled.
Fredonia - Sweet & robust with a light finish. Serve chilled.
Half & Half - Half Concord & half Niagara. Serve chilled.    
Delilah Rose' - Semi-sweet, delicate blend. Serve chilled.
Pink Catawba - A semi-sweet wine from a Native American grape. Serve chilled.
Isabella – Full-bodied with a clean finish. Serve chilled or room temp.   
Blush - Semi-dry blend with a Zinfandel character. Serve chilled or room temp.
Burgundy - Dry hybrid blend in a Bordeaux style. Serve room temp
Steel City Red- Semi-Dry Lambrusco style red
Merlot - Mellow & full-bodied     
Cabernet Franc – Full-bodied with aggressive oak. Serve at room temp.
Cabernet Sauvignon - European style, with distinct feel and mild oak finish. Serve room temp.p.


Sweet Country White - A sweet fruit medley. Serve chilled.
 Niagara - Sweet-like eating a bunch of grapes. Serve chilled.
Chablis – Semi-dry with a soft finish. Serve chilled.
Iris - Semi sweet Pinot Grigio. Serve chilled.
Pinot Grigio - Full-bodied dry white with intense mouth feel and citrus finish. Serve chilled.
Chardonnay - European dry with light oak. Serve chilled.
White Riesling - Traditional dry German style. Serve chilled.
- Light and crisp with a hit of citrus
- Semi-sweet, light and delicate


Almonderia - Almond dessert wine
Blueberry - Sweet and fruity with a bold blueberry character. Serve chilled.
Dark Cherry - Sweet fruity cherry wine. Served chilled.
Dutch Apple - Natural apple wine. Serve chilled or room temp.
Dutch Apple Spice - Apple wine with cinnamon & clove. Serve heated.
Elderberry - Unique and intense flavor. Serve chilled.
Holiday Spice - Sweet red wine with cinnamon & clove. Serve heated.
Kir - Ancient oriental combination of current and raspberry. Serve chilled.
Peach - Light & delicate with a distinct fruit finish. Serve chilled.
Plum Royal - Robust plum flavor. Serve chilled.
Raspberry - Natural berry taste with a tangy finish. Serve chilled.
Sangria - Red wine & citrus blend. Serve chilled.
Strawberry - Light & crisp with a delightful bouquet. Serve chilled.
Late Harvest Ice Wine - Explosion of fruit flavors. Made from frozen grapes. Serve room temp
Orange Blossom - White Sangria grape wine.
Winter Pear - White wine with natural pear flavoring added.
Cranberry - Sweet, tart and fruity.     
Blackberry Reserve


Bubbling Catawba - Semi sweet Native American bubbly. Serve chilled.
Bubbling Niagara - Sweet fruity Native American bubbly. Serve chilled.
Bursting Blueberry - Full of blueberry flavor. Serve chilled.
Cold Goose - Sweet Native American bubbly.
Peach Fuzz - Award-winning sparkling peach wine. Serve chilled.
Plum Crazy - Sweet sparkling plum wine with a kick. Serve chilled. 
Private Reserve - Brute style dry sparkling white wine. Serve chilled.
Strawberry Fizz - Sweet sparkling strawberry wine. Serve chilled.
Very Beary Blackberry - Sparkling blackberry wine. Serve chilled.


Flagship Port - 100% pure concord port. Serve room temp.   
Matt's Mash
- Winemaker's secret homebrew. (limited quantity) Once made for family & friends, now for resale by popular demand. 18% alcohol. Serve room temp or chilled.
Johnny's Jack Apple Port - 100% pure apple port, full-bodied & robust. 18% alcohol--this one you must sip! (limited quantity) Serve room temp or chilled.
Peach Port
- Sweet, tart and fruity.


Chocolate Covered Cherry- Cherry with a dark chocolate finish   
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
- Strawberry with a milk chocolate finish


Contact Us

Phone: (814) 725-8015
Mailing Address:
12160 East Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428
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January – March:
Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Sunday: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
April – December:
11 - 5 p.m.


Wine Types

Concord, Blush, Burgundy, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chancellor, Delilah Rose', Fredonia, Half & Half, Isabella, Merlot, Pink Catawba, Solebury Red

Bubbling Catawba, Bubbling Niagara, Bursting Blueberry, Cold Goose, Peach Fuzz, Plum Crazy, Private Reserve, Sparkling Concord, Strawberry Fizz, Very Beary Blackberry

Almonderia, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Dutch Apple, Dutch Apple Spice, Elderberry, Flagship Port, Gladwin 113, Holiday Spice, Johnny's Jack Apple Port, Kir, Late Harvest Ice Wine, Loganberry, Matt's Mash, Orange Blossom, Peach, Peach Port, Plum Royal, Raspberry, Sangria, Strawberry, Winter Pear

Niagara, Chablis, Chardonnay, Delaware, Iris, Pinot Grigio, Solebury White, Sweet Country White, White Riesling


Where are we located?

Street Address:
12160 East Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428