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Willow Creek Winery


Beautifully landscaped grounds, national music acts, chocolate wine and a new tasting room!

Debbie Metzger has always been the lady who enjoys throwing the parties. Now, as president of Willow Creek Winery, she has taken the concept to a whole new level. Willow Creek opened in 2000, when her brother Doug invested in the winery with his friend, winemaker Jim Emerson. When Jim unexpectedly passed away that same year, Doug, who worked in the engineering field, quit his job to focus on the winery full-time as president and general manager. Since then, Doug has retired and his sister, Debbie has taken the reigns.

A unique and wonderful experience at Willow Creek doesn’t end in the rustic tasting room. Outside there are 26 acres of fruit trees and bushes, vineyards, streams, wooded areas and a pond where visitors are welcome to pick and eat the organic fruit, fish, hike, or sit and relax with a glass of their favorite wine.

Willow Creek currently carries 18 varieties of wine, and they are always experimenting with new products. Here you’ll find Chocolate Wine, one of Willow Creek’s biggest sellers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the atmosphere, down-home and welcoming. That’s why they say that at Willow Creek, you “come as a stranger, leave as a friend.”


Our Wines


Chardonnay - A medium straw hue with luscious citrus and tropical flavors. Aging in American oak barrels provides a hint of spice, vanilla and toasted oak. Ideal with rich seafood, poultry, and pork dishes

Riesling - The king of grapes. Fresh flavors, aromas of lemon zest, and apricot are followed by a crisp mineral finish. Wonderful alone but will compliment delicate fish and poultry dishes. Try with fresh fruit and cheese.

Cayuga White - Interesting grape developed by Cornell University. Hints of lemon-lime and apricots, followed by a smooth finish. An excellent dry wine for those with a semi-dry preference.

Sweet Agnes - A smooth blend of our finest white grapes. Soft floral aromas are followed by a rich fruit, and a smooth finish. A versatile wine which pairs nicely with most light to medium dishes.

Niagara – Sweet, distinct grape flavor with a rich taste. Grape juice with a kick. Imagine biting into freshly picked white grapes! A great dessert wine to sit back and relax with.


Aunt Millie - Blush wine at its best. Smooth and fruity with hints of grapes and berries. A versatile which pairs nicely with most light to medium dishes. A great wine to sit back and relax.

Pink Catawba - Sweet, rich grape and citrus flavor crisp and refreshing. Great with popcorn, burgers, and food that isn’t too serious. A great dessert wine to sit back and relax.


Rambo Red - Slight fruit overtones- easy drinking, with a crisp finish. Great for relaxing on the Porch. A red wine with training wheels. Nice with pasta, salads and medium dishes.

Dry Concord - Dry, light-bodied with a smooth grape flavor and crisp finish. Pairs well with pizza, Italian red sauces, and roast beef.

Merlot - Softer style red wine with rich dark fruit and plum flavors followed by soft oak. Aged in American and Hungarian oak. Wonderful with pasta, pork and salmon.

Cabernet Franc - Rich and full bodied with flavors and aromas of grape, cherry, and cassis. Aged in American, and Hungarian oak. Ideal with smoked meats, game, and beef dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Rich and full-bodied with pronounced flavors of currant, and black cherry, hints of vanilla and toasted oak on the finish. Aged in American oak. Wonderful with rich beef and pasta dishes.

Chambourcin - Dry, medium-bodied with flavors and aromas of cherry and spice. Light oak aging. Nice with pepper crusted steak, sharp cheeses and even roasted turkey.

Sweet Rambo Red – Sweet. The dry-aged flavor of the Baco Noir & Chancellor compliments the sweet grape flavor of the concord for a unique sweet red. A red wine with bigger training wheels. Nice with pasta, salads and medium dishes.

Concord - Distinct grape flavor with a rich taste. Grape juice with a kick. Imagine biting into freshly picked grapes! Great with snacks, burgers, pizza, hotdogs and moon pies.


Cream Sherry - Rich and complex with flavors reminiscent of hazelnuts, caramel, and dried fruits. WATCH OUT! Great for after skiing and snowmobiling. Wonderful as an aperitif, with dessert, or by itself. Enjoyable now but will continue to improve for five years or more.

Chautauqua Chocolate - Deep, rich and smooth, intense dark chocolate flavor is delightfully balanced by crisp flavors of elderberry and fresh grapes. A dessert wine for dry wine drinkers.

Chocolate Temptations - Deep, rich dark chocolate flavor marries with rich grape flavors and aromas with a velvety finish. Sweet and divine. Excellent as dessert itself or with strawberries and cherries.


Contact Us

Phone: (716) 934-9463
Mailing Address:
2627 Chapin Road
Silver Creek, New York 14136


June 1 -  Oct 31:
Mon -Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun:  noon - 5pm

Nov 1 - May 31:
Mon - Sat:  10 am - 5pm
Wed:  Closed
Sun:  noon - 5pm


Wine Types

Pink Catawba, Aunt Millie

Chambourcin, Concord, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Dry Concord, Rambo Red, Sweet Rambo Red

Cream Sherry, Chautauqua Chocolate, Chocolate Temptations

Niagara, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cayuga, Sweet Agnes


Where are we located?

Street Address:
2627 Chapin Road
Silver Creek, New York 14136