Boutique wineries on the southern shore of Lake Erie in New York & Pennsylvania

Arrowhead Wine Cellars


Italian owners, Indian name, European grapes, a farm market, and one big, spectacular gift shop.

Owners Nick and Kathy Mobilia invite you to experience their spacious tasting room, fabulous gift shop and of course, their delicious, award-winning wines. Arrowhead strives to create the finest wines possible by using only the best European, native, and French hybrid grapes and fruit available. The majority of the grapes used in their wine production are grown on their 250-acre farm. Designated a “Estate Winery,” Arrowhead was established in 1998, a natural extension to both the Mobilia’s decades-old fruit farm and their grape juice company.

Nick and Kathy are both Italian and grew up drinking wine with meals as is done in Europe. The Mobilia farm was initially settled by Nick’s grandfather who arrived in North East, Pennsylvania from Italy in the 1920’s. Nick recalls that his grandfather had a dream to someday open a winery. Although his grandfather’s dream wasn’t realized, Nick and Kathy saw it through, and today they run one of the area’s premier wineries.

Arrowhead Winery’s tasting bar is surrounded by an exquisite gift shop that includes a broad selection of products such as wine accessories, seasonal items, foods, jewelry and clothing.

Next door to the winery, you’ll find Mobilia’s Farm Market where you can purchase fresh local fruits and vegetables such as cherries, peaches, grapes, zucchini and tomatoes, according to the season July through November. You can also purchase jams, jellies, juice and wine-making accessories.

What makes Arrowhead juice and wines so good? Lake Erie, rich soils, and a unique climate--the same reasons why the Native Americans settled in this area. It’s no coincidence that Fredonia, Delaware, and Catawba grapes are named after Indian tribes that once thrived here. The Mobilia’s chose Arrowhead as the name for their winery because they have a strong appreciation for the local tribal heritage. They are reminded of this as they occasionally find arrowheads on the property! Indians took ordinary flint and hand crafted it into a useful, lasting, beautiful product. That is how the Mobilia’s craft their wines. They take a raw material and lovingly transform it into a beautiful product that they love to bottle and share.

Both Arrowhead Wine Cellars and Mobilia Fruit Market are fully handicapped accessible, offer plenty of free parking and are conveniently located on Route 20, just off Interstate 90 at exit 45.


24th annual 2012 Florida State Fair International Wine and Grape Juice Competition:

Franc n Berry - Double Gold
Concord - Double Gold
Dazzling Niagara - Gold
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon - Bronze
Scarlet’s Select - Bronze
Strawberry - Bronze
Pink Catawba - Bronze

2012 Pennsylvania State Farm Show:

Silver – Scarlet's Select
Silver – Chardonnay
Bronze – Dazzling Concord
Bronze – Fredonia
Bronze – 2010 Cabernet Franc


Pennsylvania Wine Association Wine Competition

Double Gold – Dry Riesling
Gold – Dazzling Niagara
Silver - Vignoles
Silver - Cabernet Franc
Silver - Fredonia
Silver - Reflections of Lake Erie
Bronze - Riesling
Bronze - Catawba

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Double Gold – Dazzling Niagara
Gold – Niagara
Bronze - Ambrosia
Bronze - Chambourcin
Bronze - Chardonnay
Bronze - Dry Reisling
Bronze - Catawba
Bronze - Vignoles
Bronze - Cherry

Florida State Fair International Wine Competition

Silver – Dazzling Niagara
Silver - Ambrosia
Silver - Cherry
Silver - Cabernet Franc
Silver - Green Apple
Bronze - Vignoles
Bronze - Concord
Bronze - Port


Contact Us

Phone: (814) 725-5509
Mailing Address:
12073 East Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428
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Where are we located?

Street Address:
12073 East Main Road
North East, Pennsylvania 16428


Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Please Note: The Hours of Operation are our Winter Hours.  Spring and summer hours may vary. We may be closed on some holidays. Please feel free to call for current hours.


Our Wines

OUR WINES (* = new)

Chardonnay (dry)
Rich & creamy with intense flavors reminiscent of tropical fruit and citrus. Hints of butter & vanilla.
Riesling (semi-dry)
Classically styled Riesling with flavors reminiscent of apricots, nectarines & honey. Crisp with mouth-filling long lasting flavors.
Dry Riesling (dry)
Reflections of Lake Erie (dry)
Hints of citrus and spice.
Vignoles (semi-dry)
Rich & fruity with hints of peaches & apricots
Pinot Grigio (dry)
Crisp and fruity with hints of freshly picked apples
Niagara (semi-sweet)
Very intense grape flavors and aromas.
With hints of pineapple, tropical fruit, and a semi-sweet finish, Diamond is perfect for a summer picnic. Enjoy with fresh fruit, white meat, or seafood. (semi-sweet)

Buffalo Blush (semi-dry)
White Zinfandel style. Crisp, refreshing & fruity. A blend of Buffalo & Steuben grapes.
Pink Catawba (sweet)
Very intense grape flavors & aromas with hints of citrus.
Four Winds
A blend of four grape varieties. This wine is named for a unique arrowhead found in our vineyard that was worn as a necklace by Native American spiritual leaders. Serve chilled.
Spicy with flavors reminiscent of black cherries and raspberries
Scarlet's Select (dry)
Medium-body red wine made from the Lemberger grape with complex flavors of fruit, oak and butter. Goes well with meats, roasted vegetables, and mild cheeses.
Pennsylvania’s most widely planted grape
Intense grape flavors and aromas.
Excellent with strong cheese, dessert or a cigar.
Full-bodied with hints of sweet cherries and blackberries
Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
Flavors reminiscent of black cherries, currents & oak
Cabernet Franc (dry)
Flavors reminiscent of black cherries, plums and oak
Ambrosia Wine (semi-dry)

Cherry Wine (sweet)
Light and refreshing. Excellent with chocolate!
Light, refreshing and clean. The body is crisp yet bursting with honeyed red berries! Sumptuous to sip on its own, or paired with a cooled fruit salad or pound cake. It's best served slightly chilled
Apple Spice (sweet)
Tastes like a warm homemade apple pie.
Apple (sweet)
Light and crisp. Tastes like freshly picked apples
Blueberry (sweet)
Rich and tart... pure Pennsylvania blueberry wine.
Peach (sweet)
Pure Pennsylvania peach wine. Refreshingly peachy!
Blackberry Wine (sweet)
Full-bodied yet bursting with blackberry flavor. Tastes like you picked them yourself.    
Red Raspberry Wine (sweet)
Light, refreshing and clean. The body is crisp yet bursting with red berries. Great for dessert and sweets.

Vidal Ice Wine
Sweet dessert wine
Franc 'n Berry Ice Wine (sweet)
Dessert-style Cabernet Franc with intriguing raspberry overtones. Can be serve chilled or room temperature and pair with fruit based desserts or rich cheeses.

Cherry Love
Available February 1st-14th Give your valentine the sweetest gift of love, Cherry Love from Arrowhead Wine Cellars. Made from pure Pennsylvania cherries. Excellent with chocolate.
Green Apple St. Patrick's Day Wine (sweet)
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Original Green Apple Wine
Available March 1st - March 17th (while supplies last)