Special Guidelines for Drivers

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that wineries, tour operators, and other individuals organizing group visits have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.


Park in designated areas (if available) to avoid blocking the entrance or parking lot.

Be Considerate

Wineries operate under specific licenses issued by the State Liquor Authorities that allow them to provide tastings of their wines in order to generate sales. It is illegal for customers to bring outside alcohol onto winery premises. It is also illegal for wineries to serve customers who are intoxicated or not of legal drinking age. Drivers should be proactive in handling these behaviors and not drop off intoxicated individuals to be dealt with by tasting room staff.

Be Proactive

Inform parties/clients in advance that they need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at wineries.

Take Care

Do not drop off customers on a main road so that they can walk to a winery. Many wineries are on busy roads. It is VERY DANGEROUS and a SERIOUS LIABILITY RISK for tour clients to walk along these roads to/from a tasting room.


Do not provide alcohol in buses or limousines en route to wineries.


Please do not bring intoxicated or unruly clients to wineries. For all of the reasons stated above, most importantly the illegality of serving intoxicated customers, drunkenness should not be facilitated by providing or allowing consumption of alcohol en route to wineries. Bringing intoxicated or unruly clients to wineries could result in incidents and/or conflicts that will only serve to harm both wineries’ and tour operators’ businesses.

Thank you for helping to keep our customers safe and for facilitating enjoyable experiences in Lake Erie Wine Country.