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Presque Isle Wine Cellars


A small winery with a big business, Presque Isle Wine Cellars is the industry leader in providing winemaking supplies, juice and know-how to other winemakers.

Doug Moorhead has worked with grapes his entire life, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He grew up on a grape farm, helping his father introduce the first Vitis vinifera grapes in the Lake Erie area in 1959. He also led the industry by experimenting with over 200 European and hybrid grape varieties to determine which ones would thrive in the Lake Erie Appellation.

Doug opened his business in 1964, not as a winery, but as a supplier of grapes, juices, supplies and equipment for home winemakers, making Presque Isle one of the oldest winery suppliers in the U.S. Doug was instrumental in getting the PA Limited Winery Act passed in 1968, and Presque Isle received one of two limited winery licenses first issued in 1969.

For anyone with questions ranging from ancient grape industry history to the chemistry of making wine, Doug Moorhead and his well-trained staff are the people to call. Their expertise is evident in every bottle of delectable Presque Isle wine.

You’ll find the winery nestled in a wooded country nook next to a quiet stream complete with a waterfall. The rustic atmosphere is a wonderful place to have a picnic, and Presque Isle encourages this by allowing visitors to relax at their many picnic tables whether they are open or not. When they are open, it’s worth the trip to the new tasting room in the Isle House to sample Presque Isle’s award-winning wines and peruse their gift shop. The Isle House is located just east of the winery on the grounds at Presque Isle Wine Cellars. Now offering a light menu for your enjoyment. 


Our Wines

Presque Isle's wine list is always changing, so click here for an updated wine list.


Chardonnay - Dry white wine with soft citrus fruit, butter, and toasted oak.

Gewurztraminer - Semi-dry medium bodied white with rich aromas of perfume and spice.

Riesling - Semi-dry white with fruit aromas.

Vignoles - Semi-dry white with exotic fruit aromas and rich flavors that linger.


Sauvignon Blanc - aromas of citrus followed by exotic fruit and cut grass flavors.

Pinot Blanc - dry white wine with aromas of melons, citrus and wild flowers.

Pinot Gris – a clear, pale lemon color hints of the tropical aromas and soft note of ripe pear.

Cabernet Franc Rose’ – light ruby in color, with hints of ripe cranberries on the nose.


Dornfelder - Medium-bodied with hints of berry and spice aromas with dried cherries.

Syrah - Full-bodied wine show cases aromas of tomato leaf and blackberry which unfold into flavors of pepper and cherry cola.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Dry

Merlot Dry Red - Dry with intense flavors and aromas rounded with big tannins. Aged in American Oak for 14 months.           

Noiret - Dry, full-bodied red with notes of black pepper and mint. Aged in oak 10 months.

Blaufrankisch – Dry, light-bodied with spicy taste and aromas.

Freeport - Semi-dry, medium-bodied with aromas of fresh berries.      


Marquette – light ruby color and hints of ripe cranberries that leads to a bright refreshing finish.


Blushing Heron – a blend of concord and niagara grapes.

Blueberry – crafted from fresh local blueberries.

Pink Catawba – sweet fruity rose’.

Flirting Heron Sweet - A coy touch of blackberry!

Sassy Heron Sweet - Spicy red wine. This wine is great cold or warmed in a crock pot, add some orange slices and it makes a great warm drink for a cold day!

Creekside White Blush - Fruiter than white zinfandel!          

Creekside Concord - Classic sweet Lake Erie Concord.

Creekside Niagara - Luscious grapiness.

Creekside White - Fresh and fruity.


Falling Waters - a semi-dry fruity bubbly white.


Touriga Port - Made with the Touriga Nacionale grapes. Enjoy yourself while tasting this warming brandy-fortified port. Aged in oak 46 months to develop many layers and rich flavors. Warm with lingering complex flavors of cinnamon.

Eskimo Kisses - A dessert wine made of Vidal Grapes. Very rich aromas of apricot and honey. Taste the kiss that lingers.


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