Appassionato Limited Sampling

October 07 to 10, 2022

Venue: Mazza Vineyards

Here's your chance!
We've released our first Appassimento style wine, and we're excited to share it with you! Due to the limited and premium nature of this wine, it is only available on select weekends for sampling for an additional fee at Mazza Vineyards. We'll be opening a bottle of our "La Famiglia Mazza Appassionato" at first request on Friday and we'll sample through the bottle. Samplings may not be available through the full weekend. (2 oz samples will be $5) Bottles are also available for sale at $49.95 (also online at

This wine was created with hand-picked Regent grapes which were left to naturally dry, dehydrate, and concentrate for a month after harvest, resulting in a rich, complex dry red. “Appassionato" translates to “passion,” which characterizes our team’s love of their work. (Mazza Winemaker Guillermo Lombardo)