Oh Crepe! It's Valentine's Day!

February 13 to 14, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Venue: Courtyard Winery

Oh Crepe! It's Valentine's Day!

Two Ways to enjoy Courtyard Winery's "Oh Crepe its Valentine's Day" days

1. Come into the winery to see the art of crepe making.

2. Call the main winery 814-725-0236 to place your order and we will bring it out to you curbside. So you can enjoy your crepe's from the Comfort of Your Home.MENU

Savory Crepes

C’est Un Reve: Vignoles wine, chicken, sweet peppers with
spinach and Gruyere cheese / 11
Wine Suggestion: Drier side - Dry white, unoaked: Chardonel
Sweeter side - Catawba, blush: First Kiss

Vegetarian: Chef’s choice of seasonal vegetables,
spinach and Gruyere cheese / 9
Wine Suggestion: Drier side - Lightly oaked, dry red: Chambourcin
Semi-dry - Bright up front fruit! Nice smooth finish, no oak: Vignoles

Sweet Crepes

Nutella: Chocolate hazelnut spread / 7
Wine Suggestion: Drier side – Red, earthy, blackberry,
with a hint of black pepper: Noiret
Sweeter side - Red wine infused with dark chocolate: Chocopelli

Citron: House made lemon curd with Suzette Butter / 8
Wine Suggestion: Drier side – Ruby-style Port: Uneven Keel
Sweeter side – Tropical notes, blush: Mamma Mia Sangria

Fresh Berry Coulis: Add French berry dessert sauce
to your sweet crepe! / 1


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